The other main variation between these games and Whist is that a command system is used to show if a team is going to take more or less tricks then the other team.  Minnesota Whist is a simple trick-taking card game with no trump. It is based on the similar game of Whist. 

Minnesota Whist is a little more complex to learn, but rewarding as you build up your strategy over time to beat your opponents. 'High' and 'Low' bid types keep the landscape different every session. Choose between easy, medium and hard mode and make sure to track your all time and session stats to follow your improvement as you learn!

If a player wants to avoid tricks and pass, they choose a red card from their hand and place it face down. Once each player has placed a card face down in front of them, they reveal it one at a time beginning with the player left of the dealer.  If a red card is turned up, the player passes and the next person turns over their card.  The moment a black card is turned, bidding ends and no one else shows their card.

During play, each player’s score for the game is shown in front of their hand. A green light is displayed next to your score to display when it is your turn to act. A bid panel is shown each round when it is your turn to bid. 

If you want to always win, if you have no trump invite the strongest suit and if you have a trump invite the shortest suit. Never lead your partner to invite. 일본야동

The first team to earn the 13  points or higher wins the game

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